Looking Forward From Master Suite Closed Door For Privacy Master Tub and Toilet Master Tub and Vanity Master Bathroom Master Vanity Locker at Head of Bed Skylight Escape Hatch
                                Master Stateroom The master stateroom has a queen sized bed across the aft end. This has made it easy to switch ends depending on the list of the vessel. It has a hotel quality standard-queen mattress. There are 2 storage compartments at each end of the bed and lockers beneath it.  There is a good sized hanging locker for clothes, plus 8 cupboards and 5 drawers. In the bathroom there are an additional 6 cupboards. There is a step/seat to access the bed with a shoe locker under it. The master stateroom has  has a ventilation/escape hatch in the deck head by the door, and two bronze 8”X14” opening port lights in the aft bulkhead. There are six 9”x22” fixed port lights, with 3/8” tempered glass. The two in the bathroom have been opaqued for privacy. The master bathroom has a full sized soaker tub, a vanity sink and an electric fresh water toilet.
Queen Bed and Step Locker