Poles Nested At Spreader Stablizer Pole Base End of Pole Rigging Halyard and Safety Stay Attach Point Pole Attachment Point Fish Ready to Deploy Pole Hold Downs Custom made fish and hardware at the end of the pole
Stabilizer System Many Questions have been asked as to “Why would you put Stabilzers on a Sailboat?”. The reason is, all boats roll on the ocean. Whether you are sailing, motoring or at anchor, why would you not afford yourself to maximum comfort at all times? The system on Mo’Chuisle is refined from the experience of 30 years commercial fishing near Alaska, and 17 years  as a Yacht Captain around the globe.  Mo’Chuisle can sail with  a 100% Jib and leave the poles out and the fish in the water. When traveling in most weather things do not fall off the table or throw you about in the galley. When at anchor there is no violent rolling if you get a broadside swell or waves from a passing ship. This system is easy to deploy. It is only necessary to pull the poles up, if you are going to a marina. We leave them out for months at a time when cruising. The only sacrifice is that you lose .3 to .4 Knots per/hr when the fish are deployed. Small sacrifice for the comfort provided. The stabilizer lines are run threw blocks at the end of the poles which makes it easy to vary the depth of the fish or to deploy them in a moment, should the weather come up quickly. The poles are deployed with halyards and rest on polyester/spectra safety stays when out. There are hold downs made from 1 1/4” SS tubing  between the poles and the main railings. The fish are a custom design. They are made of 3/8” fiberglass, with a lead weight on the forward end and two vertical tracking fins on the aft end. They nest upright along the railing when stowed.