1. Answers to measurement questions: Pilothouse floor to top of door frame - 72” ; Top of door to deck well - 73” ; Floor to ceiling at helm - 74.5”, Center of salon - 78”, Focsle - 74”, Galley - 74”, Engine room - 71”, Mid-cabin - 73”, Aft Cabin - 72”to 69”, Bathtub - 62”x32” inside 26”x18”, Top of master mattress to deck head - 27” Inside of pilothouse - 9ft x12ft Salon - bulkhead to bulkhead - 21ft 2. Is the vessel in the over 20 meter class ?  The answer is no. The original vessel was 63ft /19.2M long.(not including the bow roller ,which is never part of a hull measurment). The extension / fishing platform / swim-grid, was added on to the vessel without compromising the original hull.  It could also be removed without compromising the main hull. The aft section of this is a live tank /bait tank which can be flooded to the ocean, by the removal of 4 bungs, or left dry. If for some reason the bureaucracy, in it’s infinite wisdom were to insist on the removal of a portion to make the vessel 19.99 meters, then 8 inches of the bait tank would need to be cut away, refiberglassed and then bolted back on. My opinion is, that would never happen. The vessel is 67ft / 20.4M LOA for the purposes of renting a slip at a Marina. The vessel is British Registry, the official registered length is 57.571 ft or 17.40M which is measured from the center of the rudder stock forward. Hope this anwers the question? 3. At what stage is the maintenance of the vessel? The vessel is constantly maintained  and ready to go with minimal preparation and most of the pictures are recent. All Valves on tru-hulls in engine room were changed last year. Shaft cutlass bearings and shaft seal was changed this year. Granite tables and counters this year The entire hull and topsides was painted with 2 part polyurethane this year. The epoxy barrier coat on the bottom was replaced this year. 4. Can the strorage boxes on the pilot house be removed? The storage boxes are easily removable with virtually no cosmetic damage,would need to only seal and repair the screw holes The fore-deck freezers are the same,  both can be removed within an hour. The Flake ice machine on the pilothouse was also installed for easy removal with minimal cosmetic damage. Virtually one day and all these items could be removed leaving with no trace of installation, should the purchaser desire. Almost all installations on mochuisle were designed for easy access and easy removal or replacement. 5. Can the masts be easily removed? Both masts are deck stepped and can be easily removed. The bridge clearance is  63ft minimum. The vessel is shallow draft (5ft 3 in) and can easily navigate the European Canals without the rigging. 6. What condition are the sails? The sails, I would say are in pretty good condition and are heavy cruising sails, probably could use a cleaning? 7. Where was the vessel built? The vessel was built in Canada. 8. Why is the VAT not paid? There is no Vat tax for a vessel registered in Gibraltar. A Gibraltar vessel is permitted to visit the EU countries for a period of 6 months per calendar year without paying the Vat tax. If the vessel is in the EU for more than 18 months, you must pay the tax in the country you are in, on that date. The authorities will be counting as they all want to be the tax recipient ! If a vessel owner is an EU resident, VAT must be paid in the country of their domicile. There is no tax payable what so ever, when removing the vessel from it’s Gibraltar company or if the purchaser chooses to but company. 9. What is the paint on the deck? The deck is painted with a two part polyurethane marine paint on a gelcoat non-skid base. 10. How old are the batteries? Please refer to the System Tab for electrical, thankyou.
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