Mochuisle’s steering system is made by Teleflex - Capilano Hydraulic Steering Systems. It is a two station system with a steering wheel in the pilothouse and one in the stern. There are two opposing rams on the steering quadrant which is located beneath the master bed. The system uses Dextron Type 2 transmission fluid. There is a cross over valve, which is used when filling the system to help remove air, or when removing the rudder, to relieve any strain on the rams. Also, it can be be opened for easy of steering if there was a system failure and emergency steering was necessary. The whole system has always functioned perfectly. The counter balanced rudder is 3/8 steel plate with a 1 3/4” SS shaft  and a coupling at the upper end for ease of removal. The rudder is glassed over and faired to improve aerodynamics. The pilot is a ComNav Marine 2001 Autopilot. It has a key activated Watch Alarm feature and a 211 Full Function Remote Control. It uses an Octopus Pumps Model 2012 - 12 volt reversing hydraulic pump.
Steering Rams and Quadrant Pilot Follow-up Cross Over Valve ComNav Marine 211 Remote ComNav Marine 2001 Auto Pilot Watch Alarm Counter Balanced Rudder
       Steering System
Stern Steering Station