Fresh Water System Mo’Chuisle has four built-in water tanks. These tanks hold approximately 120 US gals each and are located under the main salon floor. A Jabsco Par-Max 4 pump is utilized in the system and runs at 40 psi pressure. There is a Jabsco shore water connection through the hull in the engine room to hook up shore water directly to Mo’Chuisle’s system. There are valves on the house water line to choose shore water or tank water. Although there is another valve which would allow for filling the water tanks from the shore water through this system, we have never used this. We keep chlorinated water out of the tanks to maintain the longevity of the watermaker membranes and allow fresh water flushing. There are two standard 10” filters on the house water, generally sediment and carbon filters. There are two additional standard 10” filters and a UV light on the drinking water system. There is a water maker, which was originally a Village Marine system, but has been modified to be a generic system because of the desire for more production and the high costs of vendor specific parts and membranes. The water maker was modified and now produces 30 GPH, running off a 2hp electric motor which draws 19 amps 120 volts under load. New membranes, intake filter system, electric motor, gauges and a water production meter in liters, were installed in January 2017. There is a fresh water flush on the water maker with a carbon filter for chlorine removal. There is a water usage meter, in liters, installed on the house water line. The three toilets are all supplied with fresh water. There are vanity sinks in all three bathrooms. There is a shower mid-ship and a full sized soaker tub in the master en-suite.