Safety Systems Mo’Chuisle carries two life rafts, one is a six man Switlik raft and the other is a four man Dunlop- Beaufort. The Switlik is in a locker on top of the pilothouse and the Dunlop-Beaufort is in a locker in the pilot house next to the door, for easy access on the way out..There are the required amount of life jackets also in the pilothouse roof locker.  There is also a Para-Vane parachute drogue, for drifting in storm conditions. This has never been deployed. There is a round life ring with heaving line and a horseshoe life ring, also with a heaving line.  There are also two tenders that can be used for emergency evacuation. Inside Mo’Chuisle there are two carbon monoxide detector/smoke alarms. There are 6 fire extinguishers through out the vessel in appropriate easy to access places. Four are 2.5lb ABC and two are 5lb ABC. The main engine is equipped with safety alarms and the generator with auto shutdown switches. The deck railings are 35inch high, rigid SS tubing for safety at sea. Mo’Chuisle carries a personally registered GPS emergency locating transmitter beacon. There are escape hatch/skylights in the salon and the forward and aft cabins. There is also an emergency escape door from the engine room to the pilot house.