Website functions: Click on photos to expand them, as well as the “X’ in the lower right for more detailed view.    Return button takes you back to Menu Page and the Next button to the next page.   Mo’Chuisle is Gaelic, meaning “Pulse of My Heart”  Mo’Chuisle was launched in Vancouver, Canada, in June of 2003 and has spent her life between Alaska and the Sea of Cortez. Mo’Chuisle was originally a 63ft vessel. With the stern extension/fishing platform added in 2014, she is now 67ft LOA. She is a fine sea going vessel. She was designed for world travel and being self sufficient at sea for months at a time.  Mo’Chuisle was also designed to function economically. She has a draft of 5ft 3in with the centerboard up and approximately 10ft with it down. She travels at aprox 7.3 Knots @1650rpm. She fuel economy is aprox 3 miles to the gallon giving her an estimated range of 3800 miles in ideal conditions. Her layout was designed through an accumulation of knowledge of a person having over 40 years experience living aboard, working and traveling on the sea. A lot of her features are not available on production model boats. Use of proven systems and quality parts have made her up-keep and maintenance, as easy and inexpensive as possible. Her interior design favors comfort and open living space, trending away from traditional chopped up, cramped, dark living areas many sailboats tend to have. Large skylights in the deck have made the interior bright and well lit naturally during the day. It is always a challenge to find a boat that has the necessary amenities and comfort to attract a woman. There has never been a woman aboard Mo’Chuisle that hasn’t commented positively about the natural light and open space. The bath tub always gets a “Wow”. Mo’Chuisle is a comfortable boat for travel, as well as a great live aboard, either anchored or at the dock. The systems are designed around economics. Mo’Chuisle can stay at anchor, use all the amenities, including laundry for around $120 USD a month in diesel fuel. She has two main cabins, one at each end of the vessel. There is a midship cabin with two bunks should they be needed. In essence she was not designed to cram the people aboard. Although there are places for 11 people to sleep should that ever be needed. It has been our experience that the majority of the time we are just two sometimes four persons aboard. This would suit a couple who wanted a hired captain and stewardess to care for their vessel. Trending away from traditional trunk-cabins, Mo’Chuisle has a flush deck to the rails.  This gives one a huge amount of space below, at eye level, adding to the openness of the living area. Also provides enormous usable area on deck. She could easily be used for charter. In early 2018, Mochuisle spent 3 months in the shipyard. The entire hull and topsided was prepped and painted. The old bottom barrier coat was stripped with heat guns and a new 3 coat epoxy barrier coat was applied, as per recommendation in the 2014 survey. Her bottom was found to be in excellent condition. The main shaft was pulled and the cutlass bearings were replaced, as well as the bellows and O-rings on the PYI shaft seal.