Stern Extension / Fishing Platform The decision to extend the stern came about from the inconvenience of landing the tender and transferring groceries, luggage and supplies to Mo’Chuisle while at anchor. There was also the forever problem of landing fish! The extension was designed to facilitate all theses issues, the stairs installed make it easy to go from the main deck to the water level. Re- boarding the vessel while swimming or scuba diving is now done with ease. A dressing table table was added, which serves for dressing fish, as well as a stand for the BBQ. All the mess is now kept off the main deck. There is a live well tank incorporated in the extension, which can be sealed off and used for storage. There is another large locker under the steps, which can be used for a variety of things, along with storing garbage till you return to port. A complete control station was installed, with steering and engine controls, a depth sounder, auto pilot remote, and a bow thruster control . A heavy duty SS hydraulic pot hauler was also added, should you wish to set a lobster, crab or prawn trap. There is a fresh water and a salt water hose fitting in the deck for wash down, or just to rinse off when coming out of the water. The extension was bonded to the vessel without compromising the integrity of the main hull.
Stairs to the  Stern Stern Extension Side View Extension Underwater